Ecosystm Analyst Catchup and Knowledge Sharing Session: Ethics and AI

Our analysts and thought leaders are an integral part of our Ecosystm and we look forward to our internal knowledge sharing sessions. This week our analysts came together for an engaging session on their thoughts on Ethics in AI.

During this discussion led by Ecosystm Principal Advisor, Alea Fairchild, we covered:

  • Why the conversation on Ethics is heating up
  • Will it be a major hindrance to widespread AI adoption
  • The importance of getting the data model right for compliance
  • The possibility of having a global regulator for AI
Ecosystm Analyst catchup and knowledge sharing session: Cybersecurity

In keeping with the theme of the week – Cybersecurity – at Ecosystm’s regular internal analyst catchup and knowledge sharing session, our analyst ecosystem came together to share their thoughts on the growing risks and mitigation methods. 

During this discussion led by Andrew Milroy, we covered:

  • Why do traditional approaches to Cybersecurity need to evolve
  • The growth of ransomware attacks
  • Sources and targets of data breaches and attacks
  • Cybersecurity Insurance
  • AI-driven cyberattack prevention
Cybersecurity Insights

Transforming with Everything as a Service (XaaS) Model – Part 2

In the second episode, we are covering the type of experiences that organisations encounter during their cloud journey. HPE’s Everything as a Service (XaaS) cloud computing covers a vast number of products, tools, and technologies that are now delivered to users as a service. Essentially, the service speeds up the application development process and offers flexibility to shift IT resources to higher-value projects.

The XaaS model allows organisations to improve their expense models and quickly adapt to changing market conditions. However, there are certain points that organisations should consider before moving to the cloud.

Listen in as – Alan Hesketh – CIO Advisory and Digital Transformation, Ecosystm Principal Advisor and Trisha Rozas, VP – Strategic Accounts, Cloud Technology Partners, Hewlett Packard Enterprise – discuss and what XaaS means in the post-COVID-19 workplace, and what challenges or opportunities does cloud create in terms of accelerating the digital journey of an organisation.

Transforming with Everything as a Service (XaaS) Model – Part 1

In this interview, we deep-dive into Everything-as-a-service (XaaS), and understand megatrends on the cloud, and how they are helping organisations both manage their costs and provide better agility to support their customers and employees. CIOs and business leaders looking to embrace XaaS but unsure quite how to proceed will find the webinar and the discussion relevant.

This is the first of two episodes where Alan Hesketh – CIO Advisory and Digital Transformation, Ecosystm Principal Advisor is in conversation with Trisha Rozas, VP – Strategic Accounts, Cloud Technology Partners, Hewlett Packard Enterprise to discuss:

  • What is Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS)?
  • How Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) cloud computing models can help your organisation?
  • Benefits of XaaS cloud for an organisation
  • Economics of cloud
  • Traditional Vs. On-premise model
  • Challenges that IT and Finance teams face
CXO Digital Leaders Dialogue series Episode 1: Achieving More with Less in a Digital Era

CXO Digital Leaders Dialogue series is a gathering of C-level executives created out of a need for senior executives to access advice from their peers and experts.

In episode 1, Alan Hesketh was be joined by Ron Hooton Chief Executive Vision Australia and Nina Du Thaler Non-Executive Director Workways Australia

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Business Priorities for Innovation at Scale

In the third and final episode, Amit Gupta, CEO, Ecosystm; Garrett Ilg, President Asia Pacific & Japan, Oracle; and Lucio Piccoli, Founder & CEO, SiteSee, talk about how the right partnerships will help tech start-ups to bring their innovation to scale.

In Pursuit of Relentless Innovation

In the second Episode of the mini-series of discussions evaluating the drivers of technology innovation in the Asia Pacific region, we turn our focus on 5G.  

During the session, Amit Gupta, CEO, Ecosystm; Garret Ilg, President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Oracle; and Lucio Picolli, Founder & CEO, Sitesee, talk about how 5G is poised to transform the telecom sector, create a new landscape of B2B capabilities, and change the way applications and services run in the cloud and at the edge.

Lucio shares how technologies such as IoT, robotics, AI and digital twins have the ability to transform telecom infrastructure and enable providers to scale up their 5G roll-outs, innovate, and create new service offerings, while reducing maintenance costs.

Designed for change in a rising digital economy

In the first of a very special three-part series, Ecosystm CEO Amit Gupta gets face to face with Garrett Ilg, President Asia Pacific & Japan, Oracle.

Amit and Garrett discuss the rise of the Asia Digital economies, the impact of the growing middle class on consumerism and the spirit of innovation across the region.

They also discuss the new and upcoming business leaders who are driving new technology adoption, embracing change, and overcoming the challenges brought about by COVID-19 with empathy and tolerance.

Low-Code / No-Code – Webinar on Demand

Low-Code No-Code (LCNC) technology is starting to nibble on the edges of the mainstream Application Development landscape. Many CIOs, CTOs, IT leaders are beginning to see this emerge in discussions and roadmaps.

In this Webinar Ecosystm’s Venu Reddy and Sash Mukherjee discuss:

  • How the adoption of Low-code No-code will impact organisations
  • How we can transform ourselves to be part of this new ecosystem
  • What we can do to ensure that customers benefit