Ecosystm Predicts: The Top 5 Trends for Cloud & Data Centre in 2022
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One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic has been the uptick in cloud adoption. Ecosystm research shows that more than half the organisations are either building cloud native applications or have a Cloud-First strategy. Cloud infrastructure, platforms and software became a key enabler of the business agility and innovation that organisations needed to survive and succeed.

However, as organisations look to become data-driven and digital, they will require seamless access to their data, irrespective of where they are generated (enterprise systems, IoT devices or AI solutions) and where they are stored (public cloud, Edge, on-premises or data centres) to unlock the full value of the data and deliver the insights needed. This will shape the Cloud and Data Centre ecosystem in 2022.

Read on to find out what Ecosystm Analysts, Claus Mortensen, Darian Bird, Peter Carr and Tim Sheedy think will be the leading Cloud & Data Centre trends in 2022.

Click here to download Ecosystm Predicts: The Top 5 Trends for Cloud & Data Centre in 2022 as PDF

Ecosystm Predictions 2022

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