Whitepaper – Think Your Business Offers an Omnichannel Experience? Think again!
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It is crucial that businesses engage with customers across multiple digital channels and move from being ‘’reactive’’ to ‘’proactive”. To deliver that proactive customer experience (CX), contact centres need to have the ability to predict the customer’s next move and/or send preemptive notifications before problems occur. When you start doing that, you are getting ahead in understanding how to deepen customer engagement.

Ecosystm research finds that 56% of organisations globally consider driving an omnichannel experience a key business priority. The need to repeat personal details and queries each time the customer is on a new channel continues to drive poor CX. Resolving the omnichannel dilemma is an arduous task. It requires a complete overhaul in bringing all channels together.

This whitepaper written by Ecosystm in partnership with Local Measure, discusses the multiple challenges that are hindering companies from delivering on their omnichannel vision and talks about the steps organisations should take to modernise their contact centres.

Find out why not integrating your customer channels is costing your contact centre.

Click below to download the Whitepaper

Whitepaper - Think Your Business Offers an Omnichannel Experience

(Clicking on this link will take you to Local Measure website where you can download the Whitepaper )

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