Episode 23 – Ecosystm Engage: The Not So Daily Show – Rajiv Menon & Vinod Muthukrishnan

In Episode 23 of ‘Ecosystm Engage: The Not So Daily Show’, we hear Vinod Muthukrishnan, Chief Growth Officer, Cisco (CCBU) and Rajiv Menon, MD – APAC, Cisco Investments in conversation with Ecosystm’s Principal Advisor, UC & Contact Centre, Audrey and our CEO Amit Gupta. They discuss the drivers for Cisco to acquire new capabilities through M&A and the approach to seamless integrate the value propositions. They share their perspectives on the importance of moving Contact Centres from being ‘Reactive’ to taking a ‘Proactive’ stance, the need to re-align CX metrics and the role AI will play in detecting the sentiment of the customer which will be critical in driving exceptional CX.


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